Malaysia pt.II – Malacca/Melaka

Part two of our Malaysian adventures. After a few days in KL we borrowed a car and road-tripped down to Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) for a bit of old-school backpacking (which feels weird when you have a car…).

The hostel was great in a delightfully hostely way (I haven’t spent much time in Asian hostels…) and the city was fun for a bit, if a bit odd. The old-town centre is based around a¬†World Heritage listed Portuguese enclave and the famous Jonker Walk, both of which have morphed into everything that’s bad about tourist traps, and the rest of the city is pretty standard urban sprawl.

In what was becoming par for the course, we ate. I had a few goes at durian (not a fan, much to my girlfriend’s dissapointment) and went on a mission through the outer burbs to find ‘satay celup’ (massive fan, much to my girlfriend’s delight).

EM5, 17mm + Nokton 25mm