Malaysia pt.I – Kuala Lumpur

It has been a while. First it got a little bit busy on the Overland, and then my old MacBook Pro died a slow and painful death, and it would seem I haven’t posted anything in, well, ages.

With a new computer in hand, and the free-time of the momentarily unemployed off-season guide, it’s time to start working through the backlog. And there’s a rather big backlog…

To start things rolling I have the first of three photo-essays from an Xmas/New Years trip to Malaysia. The main purpose of the trip was the opportunity for my Malaysian girlfriend to ‘present’ me to her family, so it’s fair to say I as a babbling nervous wreck on the flight over. They were lovely, the place was lovely, and once I was over the jitters we descended into a beautiful food haze. I’m sure we did something other than eat, but whatever it was has been drowned from my memory in the clatter of hawker stalls…

Our time in KL was mainly about family so, apart from visits to KLCC and the Batu Caves, we didn’t do too much in the way of touristy stuff. That’ll come in the Malacca and Penang collections!

EM5, 7-14mm, 17mm + 75mm.