Off-track adventures: Turrana Bluff, Mersey Crag & Clumner Bluff

The Central Plateau region is something of a stranger in Tasmania’s outdoor circles. It doesn’t have the dramatic peaks and valleys, well-marked routes and subsequent high-profiles of neighbouring Walls of Jerusalem NP or nearby Cradle Mt – Lake St Clair NP, and neither does it have the imposing wildness of the Southwest.

What it does have is a quiet loneliness, a sense of space and freedom that stems from it’s windswept, scrubby moors and almost complete lack of human presence. The small markers you do see – the ruins of an old trappers hut, and the faint bushwalker’s and fisherman’s pads – serve only to remind you how ephemeral your own presence is. You are there and then you are gone.

The following collection is from a recent short trip I undertook with another guide to have a crack at some of Tassie’s lesser known Abels: Clumner Bluff (1433m), Turrana Bluff (1440m) and Mersey Crag (1404m). Not much to say really, other than it’s a beautiful place to get off track and I probably wouldn’t recommend approaching Clumner from the Long Tarn… It took around 9.5hrs return for fit walkers, which is significantly more than the Abels-recommended route from the north-west.

Shot with the EM5. m.ZD 17mm and m.ZD 45mm.

The old bridge, now closed to traffic. This adds about an hour of easy walking to the start.

Little Fisher River

Old logging trail down in the valley

Rinadeena Falls (formerly Little Fisher Falls)

Myrtle Beech rainforest below the Falls

Turrana Bluff from Deception Plains

Boy Miles’ Deception Plains Hut (c. 1978)

Found near the hut

Looking back down the Little Fisher River Valley

Turrana Bluff

Rainclouds approaching from Mt Ossa

Scrambling for the high-point

Long Tarns campsite

Wedge-tailed Eagle pair

Looking across the northern Walls of Jerusalem towards the Overland Track

Boulders below Mersey Crag

Mersey Crag

The plateau to Clumner Bluff

Left-over snow

Classic Central Plateau landscape

The valley before Clumner, Kind Davids Peak in the distance

Lunch on top of Clumner Bluff, with an epic view of the mountains of the Overland Track – we could see from Mt Olympus in the south to Cradle Mt in the north!

The Clumner Bluff escarpment

Barn Bluff and Cradle Mt

Pole on the plateau behind Clumner Bluff – anyone know what it’s for?

Pencil Pine tarn

Dead Pencil Pine

The (very) Long Tarns – the boundary between the Central Plateau Conservation Area and the Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Returning home in fading light, Mt Jerusalem in the background

Undercut sandstone escarpment in the Little Fisher Valley


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