Kotor, Montenegro – within the shadows

The first of two collections from Kotor, a small town nestled on the Gulf of Kotor, on Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline. I only spent a few days during my 2013 European adventures, and sadly that made up the entirety of my time in Montenegro itself, but already I would put Kotor with Santiago de Compostela as one of my favourite European old-towns.

The setting is stunning, the people friendly, the macchiato the best I’ve had, and the narrow, unnamed and car-free lanes and alleyways simply perfect for street photography, especially during the early hours when bright morning sunshine rapidly disappears into the deepest of shadows.

Put it on your to-do list.

Please check out part two here.

Shot with an EM5, m.ZD 12mm and CV Nokton 25mm. Edited on the road with Photoforge2 and iPad Mini.


One thought on “Kotor, Montenegro – within the shadows

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