The Overland Diaries pt.XVIII – storms, mutants + hybrids

Another trip of wild weather as Tasmania’s winter refuses to give in (technically it’s actually summer now…). I’m not complaining – it makes it quite photogenic!

EM5, m.ZD 75mm + m.ZD 17mm

Thunderstorm over Mt Roland

Snow showers over Fury Gorge

Snow Peppermints in front of Cradle Mt

King Billy Pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides) and Pencil Pine (A. cupressoides) fused together on Pine Forest Moor. These two species are known to produce a hybrid (A. laxifolia) but I’ve never known them to bond before…

Mt Ossa from the Mt Oakleigh spires

Flowering Hybrid Candleheath (Richea Xcurtisiae) – a reasonably common hybrid between R. pandanifolia and R. scoparia

Snow Peppermints in mist on Pelion Gap

Ghost pines on Mt Doris

Pencil Pine carcass on dolerite scree

Flowering scoparia above Pinestone Valley

Fungi, Mersey Forest

New Myrtle Beech growth

Fergusson Falls abstract

Mountain Needlebush (Hakea lissosperma)

Mt Olympus

Mt Olympus

Eucalyptus leaf

Tasmanian Waratah

Mt Gould

Mist rises from the Lake St Clair rainforest

Driving through a blizzard, Central Plateau

Sunshine and snowstorm, Miena



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