New member of the family…

After a hiatus of 18 months or so I’m finally back on the film bandwagon, with a lovely little ‘new’ Pentax MX arriving at my door the other day.

The MX was Pentax’s fully-mechanical and manual flagship 35mm SLR, sold between 1976-85. At slightly under 500g it’s a tiny little thing, but nonetheless it manages to pack in one of the biggest 35mm prism viewfinders ever released on the consumer market. With auto-nothing, and only the light-meter dependant on power (meaning it remains fully functional without batteries) it is a photography tool in it’s purest sense.

Spotmatic F + SMC Takumar 50/f1.4 – MX + SMC-M 50/f1.4 – EM5 + CV Nokton 25/f0.95



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