The Overland Diaries pt.XVII – choppers + snow

The Tasmanian wilderness is infamous for it’s temperamental and erratically changeable weather patterns – everyone’s heard the old cliche ‘don’t like the weather, wait half an hour…’

One of my recent trips was a classic in this sense. Two days of perfect sun, half the group up Mt Oakleigh on Day 3, heavy snow that night and through the next day, and then Lake St Clair swims on the final afternoon! It certainly makes things interesting.

Also my first proper outing with the new m.ZD 17mm f1.8 from Olympus. I’ve been searching for a 35mm equivalent prime for quite a while now and I’m enjoying the little Zuiko thus far. It’s not the sharpest tool in the shed (take that with a grain of salt, my MFT experience includes the m.ZD 45mm and 75mm primes, which are crazy sharp) but it has a lovely way of rendering a scene, and the gorgeous build quality and tactility make it a joy to use.

All with EM5 + m.ZD 17mm

Cloud action

TPWS ops action on the Pelion Plains

Mt Ossa trail-head

Pelion Gap

Mt Ossa from Pinestone Valley

Pelion East beyond the Snow Peppermints

Paddy Hartnett’s Du Cane Hut – circa 1917

Mt Cathedral

Snow showers at Kia Ora Hut

Evening sun over The Acropolis


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