The Overland Diaries pt. XVI – trees, summits and long-exposures

A lovely trip on the Overland last week – beautiful, warm and mostly clear days for most of the trip – allowing us to take the group up both Mt Oakleigh and Ossa – and then just the right about of rain for Day 5 through the Mersey and Du Cane rainforests, with the Alpine Yellow Gums in fine form.

This was also an interesting one for photography. For starters, it’s the first time in bloody ages that I’ve had a serious play with the Lumix 7-14/f4 ASPH ultra-wide (the first time on the EM5 actually), and I’d forgotten how good it really is. It’s also the first time I’ve really played with the EM5’s ‘Live-Time’ feature, which basically gives a real time update (every few seconds) of long-exposures. It’s very, very cool watching you’re night photos slowly emerge before your eyes!

All images Olympus EM5 + Panasonic Lumix 7-14/f4

Moonlight on Barn Bluff – 82″ exposure

Buttongrass sunset over Mt Oakleigh from Pine Forest Moor

Fading light through the Cider Gums

Moonrise over Mt Oakleigh – 282″ exposure

The Mt Ossa track and the ‘Gates of Mordor’

Guests on the ‘Hillary Step’ – Mt Ossa

Dolerite boulders on Tassie’s highest point – Mt Ossa summit

Pinestone Valley with Mt Cathedral and the Du Cane Range in the background

Rainforest below Du Cane Gap

Cabbage Gum (E. pauciflora – the same species as the Victorian Snow Gum)

Alpine Yellow Gums (E. subcrenulata) in mixed rainforest

Lichen on a dead Cabbage Gum



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