Belgrade in a daze

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much of anything about Belgrade. It’s a bit pretty, there’s a big castle/fort thing up near the river (or are there two rivers?), I found VB and Coopers in a bar that wasn’t Australian, and most of the dozen or so espresso’s I consumed were drinkable. If you want more you’ll have to go here, or just google “cool stuff to do in Serbia”, which is largely the same…

See, I never intended to visit Serbia’s capital – planning instead to jump from Montenegro to Hungary – and wasn’t overly impressed when I discovered that I didn’t really have a choice. I’d just come off consecutive 4am nights in Montenegro’s lovely Kotor (I’ll post come pics soon) and a brutal 12hr overnight, drug-smuggling bus ride north, arriving in Belgrade at 9am to find that there were no trains/buses going on to Budapest until 9pm…

There was nothing for it but chucking my bags in storage, sticking the ND on my Nokton, and wandering the quiet streets for 12hrs…

Needless to say I loved it. EM5, Nokton 25mm an m.ZD 45mm.

his hat, her face. Belgrade

Oh your hat! Oh your hair…

pondering, Belgrade


posse, Belgrade

The likely lads…

caged, Belgrade

Behind the cage

I'm not Donald Trump. Belgrade

I’m not Donald Trump

in the shadows, Belgrade

In the shadows

shade, Belgrade


lonely seat, Belgrade

Lonely seat

loitering with scales. Belgrade

Loitering with scales

flowers, in a line. Belgrade

Youth and flowers, in a line

youth and wisdom, Belgrade

Wisdom’s guiding hand

chat, Belgrade


wheels, Belgrade


nana nap, Belgrade

Nana nap

behind the cage, Belgrade

Pack of smokes

red rag, Belgrade

Red rag to a bull

stray, Belgrade



7 thoughts on “Belgrade in a daze

  1. stumbled onto your page whilst looking up general info on Projection Bluff, hope you don’t mind…really enjoying your photos, especially the B/W european ones…look forward to seeing more, cheers

  2. Excellent photos.

    Maybe it’s just my perception, but the food market does not have much food being sold compared to other photos of markets that I see, and the people seem to be downtrodden?

    • On the contrary, there was quite a lot of food at the ‘food’ market (it wasn’t just a food market…). It’s hard to tell in just 12hrs but the people seemed, well, people… Just going about their business.

  3. What great captures! You really seem to capture the feel and atmosphere of the town on any given day. Those are some really excellent street shots. Very well done friend! Very well done.


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