The other side of Istanbul

Reading the international news one could be forgiven for thinking that Istanbul is essentially a war-zone at the moment. However, what really struck me was how normal the city is as soon as you move away from the Taksim district.

Here’s my final collections of Istanbul street-photography, shot during the same evening as my two recent sets from the Taksim demonstrations.

EM5 + Nokton 25mm

Model, Karaköy

Model. Karaköy

Kid, Eminönü

Youth. Eminönü

Ataturk hopeful, Eminönü

Ataturk. Eminönü

Money please? Eminönü

Money please? Some things are universal… Eminönü

Fair point... Eminönü Spice Bazaar

Making the point. Eminönü

Keeping it fresh, Karaköy Fish Market

Keeping it fresh. Karaköy Fish Market

Loitering with intent. Eminönü

Loitering with intent. Eminönü

Taksim, Istanbul

Street food, less than a block from the demonstrations. Taksim.

Parisian Istanbul

Parisian Istanbul. Beyoglu.

Subway, Galata

Man and cat. Galata underpass.

Whatever, Karaköy Fish Market

Over it. Karaköy Fish Market

Start 'em young, Eminönü

Start ’em young. Eminönü

Çay. Kasimpaśa

Çay. Kasimpaśa

Red carpet, Karaköy Fish Market

Red carpet. Karaköy Fish Market

Content, Karaköy Fish Markets

Content. Karaköy Fish Market

Porter, Eminönü Spice Bazaar

Porter. Eminönü Spice Bazaar

Loner, Eminönü

Loner. Eminönü


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