Turkey – the quiet streets of Istanbul

The beautiful urban landscapes of Istanbul, apparently less quiet now than they were when we were there…

A companion post to this one https://peopleandotherstrangecreatures.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/turkey-the-quiet-folk-of-istanbul/

Istanbul - Cistern Basilica

Cistern Basilica

Istanbul - Unkapani Bridge from Galata

Unkapani Bridge

Istanbul - Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia

Istanbul - Bozdogan Aqueduct

Bozdogan Aqueduct

Istanbul - the road from Europe to Asia, Bogaziçi Bridge

The road from Asia to Europe – Bogaziçi Bridge

Istanbul - light

Light and art, somewhere in Taksim

Istanbul - Hagia Sofia

Mosaics, Hagia Sofia

Istanbul - Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge

Istanbul - last house standing, Fatih

Last house standing, Fatih

Istanbul - Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Istanbul - Sirkeci

Tiles in Sirkeci

Istanbul - Blue Mosque

Minarets at dusk, Blue Mosque

Istanbul - Medusa's Head, Cistern Basilica

Medusa’s Head, Cistern Basilica

Istanbul - Kasimpaśa from the Galata Tower

Kasimpaśa as the sun goes down, from the Galata Tower



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