The Overland Diaries pt.XIV – that’s all folks…

Well after 19 trips and countless adventures, my Season 2012/13 is finally done! It was a pretty strange shoulder season this year, with Summer pushing well into what was suppose to be Autumn and none of the snowy craziness from April last season… Until my last two trips it was still possible to step over the top of Hartnett Falls, and the scoparia and baronia even thought that they would have a second, mid-autumn flowering!

The weather finally arrived on my last trip (a 4-day, Waldheim – Arm River itinerary) and we had two days of howling wind, making Cradle Cirque an interesting ‘group bonding’ experience, and snow-flurries throughout the final day down the Arm-River Track. A nice bit of rain over the previous week meant a sneaky trip up to Pelion Falls was well worth while.

A couple of very fit and keen guests meant that an early final morning was in order and an attempt at Mt Pillanger. Time constraints means that that we had to push through pretty quickly, but the girls kept me moving and we summited as the sky cleared for a moment with enough time to chill-out (literally) on top and enjoy the views. Perfect ending to a fantastic season!

Kitchen Hut

Autumn fagus

A sombre Barn Bluff

Backlit scoparia

Finally some water in the Upper Forth!

Oakleigh and dead gum


Pelion West

Ossa South and dead pines

Ossa silhouette

Leatherwood petal

TPWS moving dunnies…

A very damp lunch on the Arm River Track

A couple of stoked punters (and a pretty stoked guide) on Pillanger. A four-day first?

That’s all thanks šŸ™‚


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