Pelion Falls

Just a short bash from the ‘best water on the Overland’ is one of those lost gems that 9 out of 10 walkers would probably never even realise was there…

Pelion Falls is a mid-sized waterfall, probably about a 12m drop so nothing dramatic but impressive nonetheless after a bit of rain or snowmelt. The ‘track’ follows the southern bank of Pelion Creek, which is crossed about 10mins into the forest after Pine Forest Moor. From the timber platform next to the bridge head upstream for about 20mins following an indistinct, poorly taped pad which passes through some lovely mixed rainforest and a few dense patches of Pandani. If you loose the route it’s easy enough just to follow the creek.

Definitely worth the detour if there’s a decent amount of flow under the bridge!

EM5 and m.ZD 12mm f2

Alpine Yellow Gum


2 thoughts on “Pelion Falls

  1. Hey, good on you. I think you are the only person to even mention these (yet they are on the wiki list of Tas waterfalls). Thanks so much for sharing.

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