Adventure time – the Western Arthurs Range

Next week, after one more Overland trip, I’ll finally get the chance to have a crack at one of Australia’s classic skyline traverses – the Western Arthurs Range.

The entire range is only around 20km in length, but is nonetheless considered to be one of the hardest marked routes in the country. Our group is planning to take up to 8 days and will likely end up exiting down Kappa Moraine, cutting out the final section over West Portal and the Crags of Andromeda.

I’ve been dreaming of doing this traverse for as long as I’ve been serious about bushwalking, so I’ve gotta say I’m bloody excited! Hopefully the weather will behave – the last person I talked to told horror stories of three days straight in a tent at High Moor while waiting out a blizzard…

The Eastern Arthurs (foreground) and Western Arthurs Range (background) as seen from Federation Peak, early 2012


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