The Overland Diaries pt.XI – of forests, sunny days and clear nights

Six days straight of perfect sunshine and clear nights – it doesn’t happen often in the Tasmanian mountains…

All shot with the GH2 and m.ZD 12mm f2. This was the first time I’ve really bonded with the 12mm and I’ve gotta say I’m starting to like it – the bokeh especially is gorgeous (although at 12mm you have to work pretty hard to generate it…). Unfortunately this will probably be my last trip with the GH2, as it appears to have developed a serious fault with the mode-dial and associated levers… Oh well, a shiny new silver EM5 is in the post from Camera Pro – should go nicely with my Zuiko primes 🙂

Cradle Mt and Plateau Creek

Sundews in the sun

Barn Bluff over a Cradle Cirque tarn

Another Starfish Sinkhorn

Gnarled Myrtle Beech in the forests behind Pelion Plains


Pelion Gap

Snow Peppermint

Tasmanian Waratah


Pandanis on Mt Doris

Pencil Pine carcass

Pelion East in the distance

Punter on the Ossa false summit

Cushion Plants

The Ossa summit track

Snow Gentians

Michael and David on the summit boulders

The highest tarn in Tasmania

The Du Cane Range

Mountain Rocket

Snow Gentians and Mountain Pepper

Southern Cross

Some of the funnest punters I’ve had in the D’Alton plunge-pool

Gorge below D’Alton Falls

Upper Mersey Forest



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