The Overland Diaries pt.X – leatherwoods and carnivorous bog-monsters

Another absolutely magic trip down the Overland Highway – the Du Cane leatherwoods in full bloom, Mt Ossa with clear horizons in every direction, a swim behind Hartnett Falls (the Mersey is ridiculously low at the moment…) and my first ever glimpse of the strange and wonderful lowland bog-monster (otherwise known as the Anemone Fungus, Starfish Stinkhorn, or Aseroe rubra).

All shot with a GH2 and m.ZD 75mm f1.8 with Kenko Zeta CPL

Mountain Rocket

Native conifers

Aseroe rubra


Myrtle beech

Crater Lake cliffs

Mt Hyperion

Southern Buttress of Ossa – so keen to get out there!

Barn Bluff and the Windermere Plains

The lovely Rosemary

Last light on the Cathedral Plateau


Strange growth…

Light through the Waratah



9 thoughts on “The Overland Diaries pt.X – leatherwoods and carnivorous bog-monsters

  1. I’m sorry, but “Strange growth” just doesn’t cut it. Where are the eyes? What would a bunch of them be called? Is it a native or an import???? I LOVE the Mt. Hyperion shot. Actually, that’s a baldfaced lie. I love ALL of them. Ahem, I stole the ‘Native conifers’ shot for my desktop background. If this is a nono, let me know, I’ll respect that and remove it. Your pics rock. Cheers.

    • It’s definitely the oddest thing I’ve seen up there, and there’s a few pretty odd bits and pieces… TPWS tells me it is native but not endemic to Tassie – also found around Australia and apparently other places too.

      I still haven’t managed to climb Mt Hyperion and it just stares me in the face every trip, taunting.

      Feel free to use it as a desktop 🙂


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