Freycinet pt.I – Wineglass Bay and The Hazards

It seems to be becoming something of a family tradition to bugger off down to the Freycinet Peninsular on Tasmania’s east coast for a bit of rest & relaxation over Christmas and New Years. This year was especially nice as my brother and sister-in-law were joining us from their home in Helsinki, and had brought out Otto, my 18 month old nephew, for his first ever visit to Australia!

I don’t know why but Freycinet always surprises me when I visit. I suppose when I think about Tasmania’s truly special landscapes I tend to be drawn immediately to the central mountains and western wilderness (understandable, as this is where I work and basically live during summer…), and I tend to forget about the east. But, every time I make it down there, I’m reminded that the Freycinet Peninsular (and associated islands) really are very, very cool. I’d basically a 30km long playground for all your outdoor pursuits – whether that’s sailing, hiking, running, climbing, diving, sea-kayaking, fishing…. You get the picture.

For this trip I used basically everything – GH2, Lumix 7-14mm, m.ZD 12mm, CV Nokton 17.5mm CV Nokton 25mm, m.ZD 45mm, m.ZD 75mm, plus a bunch of B+W and Kenko Zeta filters.

On the boat – Wineglass Bay


Mt Freycinet




Wineglass Bay anchorage


Goin’ fishin’


The Hazards


Cray-boat during an afternoon downpoor


Morning cloud over Mt Graham and Mt Freycinet


Mt Dove




Rainbow over granite sea-cliffs











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