The Overland Diaries pt.VIII – more weather craziness…

Three days of stupidly warm weather (for highland Tasmania), starting off in the mid-20’s and culminating with 32degC on the afternoon of Day #3 – we climbed Mt Oakleigh to find, once we had reception, that bushfires were devastating lowland Tasmania and Dunalley, in the south-east was essentially a smouldering ruin with over 80 homes lost…

Two days later and we woke to find snow down to 850m on Mt Massif.

Tasmania, you confuse me.

For those concerned, despite a massive material loss we (Tasmania) seem to have made it through the worst of the fires without any loss of life, touch wood. If you’d like to donate, please get behind the Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfires Appeal – there’s going to be people hurting for a while down here, and they could do with the help.

Caught in Sundew

Tangled King Billy Pine and Myrtle Beech

The last of the season’s Tasmanian Waratah

Flowering Scoparia on Pelion Gap

Mt Cathedral rainbow

Mid-summer snow on Mt Massif

Tiger Snake – Narcissus jetty



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