The Overland Diaries pt.VII – little things.

On my last trip one of my guests (from the US) compared the Overland Track and the Tasmanian wilderness in general to North America’s Grand Canyon; not in it’s actual physical size but rather in it’s immensity of emptiness.

As much as this is possibly true (I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon), it’s important not to forget about the little things too.

Sassafras and myrtle leaves in the Mersey River

Christmas sparkles at christmas!

Alpine Snowgum leaf caught in Hakea

Spreading Guineaflower

New season myrtle beech

Tasmanian Waratah

Richea Pandanifolia

Broad-leafed Boronia









3 thoughts on “The Overland Diaries pt.VII – little things.

  1. Are these beautiful pics from that immense emptiness?? Isn’t that some kind of conundrum? Your background pic looks like our Mt. Becher. I’m falling in love with Tasmania. Your fault.


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