The Overland Diaries pt.V

The weather is getting confused and the Tasmanian Waratahs are in full bloom. Three days of rain, hail, snow and sleet, and then three days of sun, blooming windflowers and waterfall swims!

Trackwork at the Lake Will Junction


Lake Holmes and Pencil Pines


Snow-covered fagus


Guests on Pine Forest Moor




Co-guide on Mt Doris


Mt Ossa from Mt Pelion East


Waratah leaves


Tasmanian Waratah just before it fully opens


Richea Pandanifolia


Late-spring foliage for the Deciduous Beech


Waratah in full bloom


Waratah bloom detail














9 thoughts on “The Overland Diaries pt.V

  1. Great images there! Such changeable weather we’re having at the moment. From bushfires to snow to lightning, all within a week or so!

    • It was a pretty bizarre trip – 30deg+ the day before we started, then -5 the first two nights, then 30deg again the day we finished, a drive back home past the Poatina Rd bushfire and then a night watching lightening arc across the Tamar Valley!


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