Pelion Mining Co. hut?

I was up Mt Pelion East with some guests the other day (we generally go up Mt Ossa instead, but this was out due to snow) and we noticed what looked like an old hut down in Pelion Valley. It looks to be about 1km up Snarers Hut Creek from the track towards Pelion Gap.

Now, I wasn’t aware that there remained any huts in the area, but I know that there used to be several trappers/snarers huts in the valley, and also several prospectors huts built by the Pelion Mining Co. in the late 1800’s (did the trappers simply commandeer the mining huts after prospecting was abandoned – as was the case with Old Pelion Hut down by Douglas Creek?). In particular there’s one photo in Old Pelion of a Mining Co. hut that looks like it was somewhere further up the valley towards the foothills of Mt Ossa and Paddy’s Nut. I’ve never been able to figure out where exactly it was but I’m wondering if the feature I’ve circled below could be it?

Pelion Mining Co. hut near Snarers Hut Creek?



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