The Overland Diaries pt.IV

The guiding season on the Overland Track is in full-swing and things are beginning to warm up – just the one night’s snow on this last trip and one big drift on the Mt Ossa summit still thinking it’s winter 🙂

King Billy Pine detail

Mt Oakleigh and Pine Forest Moor with Deans Bluff in the background

Eucalyptus silhouetted against the Oakleigh cliffs

Dead gum


Stray sunlight on Myrtle Beech

Pandani in Frog Flats

The Mt Ossa track as it passes through the ‘Gates of Mordor’

Perrins Bluff and Mt Thetis

Last light over Mt Ossa with Mt Hyperion and Mt Gould behind

Flowering Hakea

Lake St Clair rainforest looking all primeval

The Traveller Range


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