Mt Pillinger – Cradle Mt – Lake St Clair NP

Last week a bunch of Overland Track guidey folk walked up the Arm River Track to spend a night at Pelion Hut, to, well, learn stuff… Lots of fun was had, many things learned, and just the one oven-door destroyed (while 8 guides and the current and former Ops-managers looked on…). All in all a good weekend. Anyhoo, on our way back out to civilisation we decided to attempt a sorti up Mt Pillinger (1240m) – a handsome looking peak that for some reason none of our party had ever climbed before.

The way up is pretty straightforward, but also quite sensitive so I won’t go into a great amount of detail. Access from a loop off the Arm River Track – the eastern end starting near the National Park entry sign and the western end near the Wurragarra Creek crossing. The summit track begins about 25mins walking from either end and begins as a muddy pad heading south. It then rises through quite beautiful rocky dry sclerophyll before levelling out to a lightly forested open plateau. The peak ascent proper then begins and the track heads west, gaining elevation rapidly until reaching the final ridge-line, which is followed to the summit dome.

From the top you can see, well, everything! The Great Western Tiers and Walls of Jerusalem to the east, the Cathedral Plateau and Lees Paddocks to the south, the mountains of Cradle Mt – Lake St Clair NP to the west, and the vast February Plains to the north. It is honestly one of the most magnificent views I’ve ever had in Tassie!

The climb to the summit is about a two hour return trip from the Arm River loop for fit walkers (with a bit of time spent up top). If you want to do it as a day trip I’d expect a 4.5-5hr return trip from the Arm Road.

Highly recommended!

Mt Pillinger on the left – looking north from Castle Crag

Ben checking out the track ahead

Gum-topped Stringy Bark on the way up

Dead eucalyptus on the plateau

Ascending the final ridge

South to the Cathedral Plateau and Lees Paddocks

Mt Oakleigh and the February Plains, with Barn Bluff peaking out of the clouds

Guidey folk on the summit

Punter – looking cool

Rain coming in over the Tiers

There’s one in every crowd…


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