Pine Valley, Cradle Mt – Lake St Clair National Park

Pine Valley is something of a legend within Tasmanian bushwalking. It’s a deep, sheltered, glacial valley that works it’s way up from Lake St Clair, jammed firmly between the mass of The Acropolis, Mt Geryon, The Labyrinth, The Minatour and Mt Gould – some of the most impressive mountain scenery you’ll see anywhere in Australia. Being well protected from fire it also has some of the oldest stands of temperate rainforest you’ll see anywhere in the world.

It’s an easy few hours walk from the Lake St Clair ferry at Narcissus (or an overnight side-trip if you’re doing the Overland), it has a lovely hut and great tent sites (coffee on the helipad for sunrise is a winner), and you could happily waste four or five days just climbing mountains and exploring.

It’s a gem amongst gems. Get on it πŸ™‚

The Minotaur with mid-winter snow

Frost covered Tasmanian Waratah

Looking down Pine Valley to Lake St Clair, from the Labyrinth

Cephissus Creek

Icy morning down by the helipad

Mt Gould

Pandani starburst

Descending from the Labyrinth

Ice crystals on chicken wire

Frozen reflections

Roots and moss


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