The Overland Diaries

Spring weather can be ‘erratic’ at best, and my last trip on the Overland Track had a little bit of everything. Perfect sunshine, snow, sleet, rain and mist, and a bunch of guests brave enough to have an early season dip in the Narcissus River (6.8deg C the ferry thermometer told us)!

All with the GH2 and m.ZD 75m f1.8

Gums and pines in Waterfall Valley

Across Lake Windermere and Pine Forest Moor to Ossa, Paddy’s Nut, Thetis and Pelion West

Lake Windermere

Dead and alive – Pencil Pines in Pinestone Valley

Mt Cathedral shrouded in cloud and snow

Misty snowgums

Snow Gums and pine carcasses…

Rainbow in the Upper Mersey

Mt Massif

Reflections in the Narcissus River


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