Projection Bluff, Great Western Tiers

With a free afternoon and some lovely early summer weather a few days ago I finally managed to have a go at Projection Bluff (1148m), a little walk I’ve been eyeing off for a while. It’s not the most dramatic mountain in Tassie, or even the Western Tiers for that matter, and is generally overshadowed by Quamby Bluff (1228m) – a bit of a local legend immediately to the north. That said, it’s a feature you drive past every time you take the Lake Highway from Deloraine to Great Lake, and it looked like it would offer a pretty decent view of the Tiers and the farmland around their base.

The walk begins from a little parking space next to the Highway with a big sign saying ‘Projection Bluff – 2 hrs return’ – it’s very obvious and hard to miss… You then dive into some stunted dwarf Mytles and follow a rough, taped track that sidles up the escarpment heading south (from the lie of the land I expected the track to head north, toward the summit). After a while this pops up out of a little gully onto an expansive summit plateau – immediately to the left is a small knoll (worth the 5min climb with great views south over the Central Plateau) and to the right is a sweeping ridge line that runs to the summit high-point, about 1.5km away.

All in all it’s pretty straight forward with just a few things worth noting… First, there’s a large puddle/tarn that lays across the track very close to the start – if this is full of water then take note of the track tape on the other side (immediately opposite), other wise it can be a pain to find the track again. Second, pay close attention on the way up through the dwarf mytles – the track is very faint in places and there’s quite a few false leads. Finally, once you’re up top stick to the edge of the cliffs and avoid taking a shortcut straight to the summit – there’s a solid pad all the way along the ridge while the plateau is a scoparia riddled mess… On the subject of scoparia, there’s bloody heaps – wear gaiters!

This walk was also my first attempt at shooting landscape with my newly purchased Olympus m.ZD 75mm f1.8 for Micro Four Thirds. I’ve been wanting to start using a medium-telephoto prime for landscape for a while (the Zuiko has the same field-of-view as a 150mm on a full-frame/35mm sensor) and in my few days I’ve had it this lens has absolutely blown me away. Simply brilliant.

All shots with a Panasonic GH2 and m.ZD 75/f1.8

Myrtle Beech

Marker tape in the dwarf Myrtle forest

Looking down on the Lake Highway

West across the Central Plateau Conservation Area

Jackies Marsh

West towards Mole Creek

Summit cairns

Quamby Bluff in the background

Liffey Bluff

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper


5 thoughts on “Projection Bluff, Great Western Tiers

  1. Have taken a few people up there including just myself. a favorite because its quick to reach and still feels remote once you get to the plateau. love the tele shots

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